Aaitaman: Pride of the Village

Aaitaman: Pride of the Village

Aaitaman’s house is in Lampokhari village. It is located in a rural area. He studies in a local school. His parents work hard for a living. They didn’t get opportunities to study in their childhood. So, they are not well aware of Aaitaman’s study. They wanted him to be very good at his study but his study had not been very good. 

Though his age was of studying and playing with friends, his nature was earnest. Because of poverty and weakness in study, he used to think about discontinuation of his study. He was in a dilemma. 

One day, he was going to school. He had to walk on the terrace of the field. He was walking on the deck. He saw a small round insect carrying food and climbing up the terrace. When the insect was about to reach the top of the terrace, it fell down. But the insect didn’t give up. It again tried to climb up. It was again about to reach the top, and it fell down for the first time. It was still not discouraged So it tried for a third attempt and was able to reach the top carrying the food and it took into the hole where it used to live.  

Though the incident was minor, it had a great impact on Aaitaman. He thought "Even such a small insect reaches its goal by overcoming all the  obstacles; I am a human, What is the use of knowledge and wisdom for me  ?” Aaitaman realized that if we keep on trying, we can solve the problem and get success. He gave up his thought of discontinuation of his study. 

Aaitaman shared this with his friends and teachers. The teacher said ‘listen! Those who do not start the task are low-level human beings and the ones who start the task but leave due to obstacles are middle-level human beings.  Those who never give up the task initiated but instead keep on fighting the obstacles and finally accomplish are supreme-level humans. We should be supreme-level human beings. 

Aaitaman’s mind and behaviour started to be changed. He became enthusiastic about the initiation of new tasks. In the rainy season, Salpokhari village would be muddy. It would be very difficult to move from one house to another.  Aaitaman thought of picking the pebbles from the field and paving the way.

As a result, the field became fertile and it was possible to grow lots of corn. At the same time, the road became easier to walk on. Aaitaman also encouraged his friends to do the job on holidays. His friends agreed to it, and other villagers started supporting him later.  

Public awareness of health was lacking in Lampokhari village. Villagers would suffer from different types of diseases. Aaitaman utilized the knowledge that he studied in health education and started a campaign to construct a toilet in every house and keep the sources of water clean.  He mobilized the villagers on personal health and hygiene and also the sanitation of surroundings. Because of his effort, the village became healthy and beautiful. He also progressed in his study. He started to become the first in his class. His teachers also encouraged him to do good work. 

Aaitaman’s younger brother also studied in the same school in a lower grade. One day his brother threw a piece of paper near the school gate.  Aaitaman and the school gatekeeper saw it. The school gatekeeper was about to pick up the paper without scolding his brother but Aaitaman stopped him. He said, “Human beings only become well when they correct their mistakes themselves. I will ask my brother to pick it up. If he does so, he will not repeat it and his friends will also know that they shouldn’t throw the garbage everywhere”. Aaitaman made his brother pick the piece of paper and his brother also promised not to throw the garbage everywhere.  

There was winter vacation in the school. Aaitaman’s father had to go to the district headquarters due to his personal business. Aaitaman also went along with his father. There was a library in one room in the office. Aaitaman finished reading a book on the biography of a famous person until his father  

completed his official work. When the school was opened, he shared those biographies with his friends. He said, “Good character will not be developed by listening to others, rather it will be developed by behaving in a disciplined way”. His friends also discussed benevolence, discipline, peace and mutual respect. They also discussed that a person could be good and great by being propriety, passionate and hard-working.  

Nowadays Aaitaman has become an ideal person in school and Salpokhari village. His parents are also very happy about his success. There is a vast difference between the previous and present Aaitaman. Now villagers say, “Pride of Lampokhari is Aaitaman.”

Summary of Aaitaman: Pride of the Village

Character development is not a matter of speaking but is a matter of demonstration in behaviour. Good character can be developed through self-confidence, courtesy and devotion. For that, even a small person or incident can be inspirational. The persons who are motivated by them and continuously keep on working will be able to grab the praise and success in their life. Positive thoughts and behaviour make a human character a role model.

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