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Love Marriage in Nepal - An Essay

Love Marriage In Nepal Love and Marriage are the concepts of relationships that refer to the bonds of different lives. These two relationships are re…

'Man Bhulchha' Prakash Dutraj & Shantishree Pariyar

Prakash Dutraj's 'Man Bhulch' Prakash Dutaraj's new music video 'Man Bhulchh' has been released. Dutaraj, who has been at the…

Earn Money Online From Your Websites

Earn Money Online From Your Websites Can we earn money from our websites in Nepal? Yes you can make money from websites or bloggers in Nepal Google h…

The Popularity of Balen in Local Election

Kathmandu Update Balen has slapped the cheeks of the leaders who are trying to enslave the voters in local election of Nepal Counting of votes in the…

Schools Opened Without Books in Nepal

The books for classes 5, 6 and 8 are yet to be printed. Students have not received textbooks for other classes as well. Kathmandu Due to the negligen…

More Than Thousand Nepali and English Words for Language Learner

1000 Nepali words for language learners with English Translation. Number Nepali in English 1 रूप as 2 म I 3 आफ्नो his 4 कि that 5 उहाँले he 6 थियो w…

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