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Summary of 'Knowledge and Wisdom' by Bertrand Russell

Summary of Knowledge and Wisdom Writer, Bertrand Russell Main Summary [Brief] In this essay, Russell differentiates between knowledge and wi...

WordsNepal 28 Dec, 2021

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Glossary of Common Fruits of Nepal

Common Fruits of Nepal In Nepal, fruits are called  Phal-phulharu (फलफूलहरु). Nepal produces a variety of fruits, probably more than many o...

Ramji Acharya 20 Sep, 2022

Jung Bahadur And The Courtesan - Love In The Time Of The Empire

Love In The Time Of The Empire Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana was the toast of London town. A prince from the Orient captured the popular ...

Ramji Acharya 19 Sep, 2022

What is Poverty? by Jo Goodwin Parker

What is Poverty? This essay titled ‘What is Poverty?’ was written by an anonymous person named Jo Goodwin Parker from West Virginia in the U...

Ramji Acharya 19 Sep, 2022

Sunny Morning by Serafin and Joaquin Alvarez Quintero

About Authors Spanish dramatists Serafin lvarez Quintero (1871-1938) and Joaquin Alvarez Quintero (1873-1944). They grew up in Utrera, a sm...

Ramji Acharya 19 Sep, 2022

Human Rights and the Age of Inequality by Samuel Moyn

About the Author Samuel Moyn is Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law and Professor of History at Harvard University. In 2010, he published T...

Ramji Acharya 19 Sep, 2022

Prakash: A story of Nepali Political Landscape

Prakash: A story of the Nepali struggle in the contemporary political landscape ‘Prakash’ as a movie and a character commentates on the issu...

Ramji Acharya 13 Sep, 2022

Who is BALEN [Balendra Shah] - Biography

Balendra Shah Balen Shah Biography, Updates, Politics, Mayor Balen Shah Biography, Wiki, age, ethnicity, wife, net worth, height, weight: Sh...

Ramji Acharya 30 Aug, 2022