Ganesh Man Singh: The Iron Man

Biography of Ganesh Man Singh

Ganesh Man Singh is publicly acclaimed as an acceptable leader of democracy. It is a sign of respect that all the Nepalese show towards him that they call him supreme leader. He was born to a well-to-do family on November 09, 1915 in Itumbahal, Kathmandu as the son of Gyan Man Singh and Sanunani Shrestha Singh. His father died when he was six. So, his grandfather Ratna Man Singh brought him up. He studied in Darbar High School till grade six. He was expelled from the school for not respecting his fellow students who were Ranas. He went to India to continue his studies. After completing his I.Sc. from Vidyasagar College, he returned to Nepal. As soon as he returned to Nepal, he planned to protest against the autocratic rulers of Nepal. In 1940, he joined the Praja Parishad, the first political party in Nepal. Unfortunately, he was arrested on October 18, 1940. Though he was sentenced to life in prison for anti-Rana activities, he ultimately escaped from Bhadragol Jail in 1944. After that he fled to India.

In 1949, he became one of the founding members of the Nepali Congress. Following this, he played a significant role in overthrowing the Rana Regime in 1950. In 1958, he became a cabinet minister. However, after the coup by late king Mahendra on 31st December 1960, he was arrested and kept at Sundarijal Military Detention Camp for eight years. Yet he refused to let his spirit be broken. Instead, he became one of the main leaders advocating democracy in Nepal after he was released on 30th October 1968. He spent many years struggling against the partyless Panchayat System. Finally, he led the Nepalese Democratic Movement in 1990 which overthrew the Panchayat System. After the restoration of democracy, in 1990, he transcended party politics. Later he started working in favour of the nation and her people. Sadly, ‘the iron man’ died on September 18th, 1997 in Chaksibari, Kathmandu.

Ganesh Man Singh was awarded the United States Peace Run Prize in 1990. Moreover, he was the first Asian to be honoured with the United Nations Human Rights Award which he received in 1993. He was the first commoner to receive the State Funeral in Nepal.

Ganesh Man Singh, In the political history of Nepal, Nepali Congress leader Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala is called by the nickname of Mahamanav and Yugpurusha, just as another leader Ganeshman Singh is called by the nickname of Supreme Leader and Iron Man. Not only that, just like BP Koirala’s family name was Sandaju, Ganeshman Singh’s family name was Hirakaji. As elder brother Matrika Prasad Koirala is called Thuldaju, brother BP is called Sandaju.

Similarly, as Ratnaman Singh Badakaji was the eldest grandfather, his eldest grandson was called Hira as a very important treasure of the Badakaji family and Ganeshman was called Hirakaji as he was born in the Badakaji family.

Ganesh Man Singh: Life

BP Koirala was born on 24th Bhadra, 1971. Ganesh Man Singh  was born exactly 14 months after that. Kartik 24, 1972 (that day was the day after Bhaitika’s death). So BP and Ganesh Man Singh were contemporaries. BP had the decisive ability to take decisions on any issue while Ganesh Man had the ability to take a stand. Due to these two qualities, the Nepali Congress Party, born in Banaras, India, succeeded in establishing democracy in 2007 by ending the autocratic Rana rule in Nepal.

Not only that, in the first general election of 2015, two-thirds of the votes were cast. In the second general election of 2048 BS, the Nepali Congress had won the majority.

When Ganesh Man Singh was 8 years old, his father Gyanman Singh died at the age of 28. Her mother was only 24 at the time. The youngest son, Vasudev, was born while his father was on his deathbed, but Gyanman died without a newborn son.

Although the Darwar School at Ranipokhari in Kathmandu was built for the children of the Ranas only, Ganeshman had the opportunity to study because he was the son of Kazi Ratnaman’s grandson Subba Gyanman. But Rana’s son, who was studying in his own class while he was studying in 6th class, was expelled because he had a fight. After that, Ganeshman became negative towards Rana.

After the death of his father, Ganesh man Singh , who was an orphan, was expelled from school and started wandering. After that, Baje Kazi Ratnaman was hired as a bailiff at the Muluki Adda in the palace of Commander-in-Chief Rudra Shumsher Rana. In doing so, Ratnaman thought that he would not be able to go astray, that he would learn to work, and that he would have good relations with the Rana. Only those who lived in Kathmandu could ride bicycles.

Bells and lights were mandatory on bicycles. One day Ganesh Man Singh  went to the office on a bicycle without both bells and lights. Seeing this, the security guards sitting at the door of the office stopped him. In this process, there was not only an argument between the two, but also a scuffle. Complaints about this reached the court and Maharaja Padmashamsher sentenced Ganesh Man to return his bicycle to him and beat him up four times. Ganesh man quit his job on this issue. After this incident, Ganesh man Singh  became even more negative towards Rana.

Ganesh Man Singh: Politics

The desire to establish democracy by ending the autocratic rule of the Rana. The Praja Parishad was established in the house of Mathema, a devotee of Ombahal Tol in Kathmandu on Jeth 20, 1993 in a very secret manner. Its founding members were Dharmabhakta Mathema, Tanka Prasad Acharya, Dasharath Chand, Jivraj Sharma and Ram Hari Sharma. V.S. Tanka Prasad Acharya had been the chairman of this organization since Bhadra 18 , 1997.

The goal of the Nepal Praja Parishad is to establish democracy by ending the Rana rule in Nepal and Ganeshman is also angry with the Rana activities. He became a member of the Nepal Praja Parishad from 1996, i.e. at the age of 24, and became active in politics. Within a month of becoming a member of the Nepal Praja Parishad, Ganesh Man was married to Mangaladevi.

3-4 months after that, B.Sc. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1997 for his anti-Rana activities. Ganeshman, who was imprisoned in this way, spent 4 years there. And They managed to escape by climbing the 12 feet high chaotic wall on Ashar 7, 2001. From this work, Ganeshman got the fame of ‘Brave’.

Members of the Praja Parishad Gangalal Shrestha, Shukraraj Shastri, Dasharath Chand and Dharmabhakta Mathema were sentenced to death by shooting and hanging from a tree. With the intention of establishing democracy in Nepal, the Nepali Congress Party was born from Vanaras, India. Members of the Nepal Praja Parishad also joined the party and started the revolution.

When the Rana government started interrogating Ganeshman from the forest of Thori in the Terai in 2006-2007, Judge Harishamsher Rana was beaten 1,000 times with a whip stick instead of calling him Maharaja. Ganesh Man Singh endured being hit up to 600 times. Then he fainted. Since then, Ganeshman Singh has been addressed by the nickname “Iron Man”.

In the 2015 general election, Ganesh man Singh defeated Communist leader Pushpalal Shrestha. Ganeshman then became a minister in the Council of Ministers of the unanimous Nepali Congress. Ganesh Man Singh, a resident of Kathmandu, who went to congratulate him after becoming a minister, surprised everyone by saying that he did not need the congratulations of others as he was not satisfied with winning the election and becoming a minister. He received only 12,000 votes, but adding all the votes of other party candidates would have reached 18,000.

Therefore, it was a sign that the voters of Kathmandu did not fully recognize him. Not only that, he also announced that he would fight for democracy for the rest of his life but would not run for office. Probably by recognizing the same announcement, after the historic success of 2046 BS, the king did not even accept to become the Prime Minister of the Interim Government.

It is a great example of Ganesh Man’s great political generosity, uniqueness and exemplary to hand over the post to others without becoming the Prime Minister even when Ganesh Man Singh was given the post of Prime Minister by the King. If Ganeshman’s followers follow his steps, they will finally become true followers of Ganeshman. This is also a feature to remember on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

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