Prakash Paudel Emerges as a Dominant Force as Praveen Shrestha Takes ANNFSU Gandaki Helm

Prakash Paudel Emerges as a Dominant Force as Praveen Shrestha Takes ANNFSU Gandaki Helm

Praveen Shrestha Elected President of ANNFSU Gandaki Province

Pokhara, December 24 - In a significant development, Praveen Shrestha has been elected as the president of ANNFSU Gandaki province during a convention held in Pokhara. The 48-member working committee, elected under the chairmanship of Praveen Shrestha, convened at Prithvi Narayan Campus on Friday, with Central President Samik Badal inaugurating the proceedings. Approximately 300 delegates from 11 districts of Gandaki actively participated in the convention.

Praveen Shrestha is elected president of ANNFSU Gandaki province, with a 48-member committee chosen under his chairmanship. Spokesperson Paudel from convention gains prominence. Despite CPN-UML suspicions, the convention in Pokhara sees 300 delegates from 11 districts participating. Prakash Poudel's leadership prevails, with key figures elected, marking a significant development in party dynamics

Praveen Shrestha, a leader of  ANNFSU, affiliated with CPN UML, and hailing from Gorkha, has secured the presidency, strengthening the influence of Prakash Poudel within the party. Praveen's close association with Prakash Poudel and his secretary, Suraj Sapkota, has contributed to the continued dominance of Prakash Poudel's leadership.

The newly elected vice presidents include Vishwadarshan Parajuli (Syangja), Susan Ghimire (Kaski), Secretary Suraj Sapkota (Nawalpur), Durganath Lamichhane (Kaski), Kirti Bhattarai (Kaski), Anil Kuwar, and Akib Pokharel (Syangja). Vikram Kshatri from Kaski has been appointed the Treasurer, with a term limit of 2 years.

Prakash Paudel Emerges as a Dominant Force

The election of ANNFSU Gandaki has been subject to controversy, as the CPN-UML expressed suspicions regarding the process. There were reported attempts to undermine the influence of Central Spokesman Prakash Poudel, a student leader from Myagdi, in the power struggle. Representatives participating in the election claimed that Kaski, at the centre of Gandaki province, followed a tradition of restricting leaders from outside districts.

Despite the challenges, Prakash Poudel, known for his popularity among students, emerged as a strong leader willing to challenge internal factions within the party. His leadership, particularly in Dhaulagiri, where he expanded the group among students, has been commendable. Prakash Poudel, with a history of successfully holding various positions, has significantly contributed to the movement against urban discrimination, expanding programs nationwide.

Pratap Dhakal, president of the Gorkha ANNFSU, sees the first convention of Gandaki province as a stepping stone for Prakash Poudel's future role as the general secretary in the upcoming congress. Poudel, a staunch supporter of party president KP Oli, emphasised Oli's qualities in a recent interview, stating that Oli is not only a political figure but also a scientist.

The first tenure of Prakash Poudel as the founding coordinator of Gandaki Province Aneraswawiyu is lauded as one of the best. His effective role in expanding the organization through campaigns and movements, notably the success of the Manipal Medical College movement, has elevated his standing, making him a favorite among students, as highlighted by ANNFSU Myagdi President Milan Khatri.

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