South Korea Expands Employment Opportunities for Nepali Workers in Five Sectors

South Korea Expands Employment Opportunities for Nepali Workers in Five Sectors

South Korea expands its employment collaboration with Nepal, adding three sectors to the Employment Permit System (EPS). The move aims to diversify opportunities for Nepali workers, including agriculture and manufacturing. Additionally, language tests for the manufacturing sector will open next week. The initiative strengthens bilateral ties and contributes to mutual economic growth.

Kathmandu, 27 November - South Korea is preparing to expand its employment partnership with Nepal by including three new areas in its Employment Permit System (EPS). According to the EPS Korea office, the Korean government, which previously assisted Nepali workers in agriculture, animal husbandry, manufacturing, and skill-building, is now expanding its reach to embrace five distinct fields.

The expansion is the consequence of a 2008 deal under which South Korea has been actively recruiting Nepali laborers to join its labor force. Previously, job prospects were centered in agriculture, animal husbandry, and industry, with the addition of skill-building efforts beginning last year.

Notably, the Korean government has said that it intends to widen the scope of employment in the future to include the construction and service industries. The service sector will include a wide range of industries, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and forests.

The measure represents a good step toward diversifying the sorts of jobs available to Nepali workers in South Korea. This strategic choice is intended to accommodate the increased need for skilled and unskilled labor across a variety of industries.

Furthermore, the recent completion of the test for the skill-building sector, which was established last year, represents a watershed moment in the two countries' relationship. The findings of this study are expected to be published in the following week, offering insights into the domain's performance and potential areas for development.

In the next week, the EPS Korea office has declared its plan to launch applications for the industrial industry. Language exams appropriate to the industrial industry will be administered as part of the application procedure. This decision is intended to clear the road for Nepali workers to find jobs in South Korean manufacturing-related companies.

The EPS branch stressed the significance of these activities in boosting reciprocal economic growth and collaboration between South Korea and Nepal. The expanded diversity of job sectors is expected to help both countries by solving specific labor market demands and contributing to the general growth of the workforce.

Korean government's determination to expand job possibilities for Nepali workers in new industries reflects a commitment to promoting a dynamic and inclusive labor market. As the partnership progresses, it is projected to have a beneficial influence on the economies of both South Korea and Nepal, establishing a precedent for international cooperation in the field of job creation and skill development.

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