Yam Bahadur Budhathoki Sets Record Selling Tomatoes at High Prices Amidst Growing Market Demand

Yam Bahadur Budhathoki of Mangala Rural Municipality-1, Khanigaon of Myagdi has sold Tomato at the highest price this time. Budhathoki sold tomatoes at 80 rupees per kg until the second week of July and sold up to 115 rupees per kg in the last week of July. 

Budhathoki said that after he started farming, he sold Tomatos at the highest price ever. This time, after the increase in the price of Tomatos in the market, even the farmers of Myagdi have been selling it to the traders for more than 100 per kg. "There is no shortage of market, the traders are the ones who sell it," said farmer Budhathoki. 

According to him, the Tomato produced by the farmers of Myagdi has started being consumed outside the district as well. Budhathoki, who produces up to 70 quintals of tomatoes in a season from his agricultural firm, produces them in 3 modern greenhouses, 12 bass tunnels and sells them at wholesale prices to Benibazar traders. 

There was a problem with transportation after the road was blocked due to the rainy season and it was a bit expensive. He said that 1 carat will cost 100 rupees for transportation. Farmers of Myagdi, who used to sell up to 50 rupees per kg last year, said that this time they got double the price of Tomato. After the farmers got a good price in the field, the price reached 150 rupees per kg when it reached the consumer through the traders. 

The farmers of Beni municipality, Mangla, Malika and Raghuganga rural municipality areas have been consuming in the headquarters Beni Bazar and subsidiary markets. This time, a farmer has sold Tomato worth at least one and a half lakh to seven lakhs. It is estimated that the farmers of Kuhun Khanigaon, which is attracted to agriculture and animal husbandry, will sell up to 1.5 million Tomatoes this season. 

Krishi Gyan Kendra has added a 50% subsidy to the greenhouse and added additional structure to the farmers who have cultivated vegetables including tomatoes and are earning good income through off-season production. This time, the farmers are happy that the vegetables produced by hard work got a reasonable price.

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