Savina Kafle Balen Shah: A Woman Behind the Scenes

Savina Kafle Balen Shah A Woman Behind the Scenes
Savina Kafle Balen Shah

The saying goes that husband and wife are the two wheels of a chariot, but in the case of Mayor Balen Shah of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, his wife Savina Kafle Balen Shah is more than just a wheel. Without her support, Balen's success in his election campaign would have been unimaginable.

Savina was the person behind the scenes who helped Balen in all areas, from social media management to election campaigning. In fact, she even stayed up until 3 am to prepare the manifesto. During Balen's election, she designed the website and wrote the content. It is only natural for Balen to be in the spotlight after winning the election as the mayor of the Kathmandu metropolis, but it was Savina who had the strong shoulders to take him to the top of success.

However, Savina is not just known as Balen's wife. She is a poet, novelist, digital creator, and health activist. Before the election, she worked in business development, and when Balen was an engineer, their incomes were equal. She was equally active in Balen's election campaign and played a vital role in his social media management, campaigning, and manifesto writing. She even mentioned that the manifesto was prepared by both of them sitting until 3 am in the morning.

Savina is proud of her identity and wants to be recognized for her own accomplishments rather than just being known as the mayor's wife. She feels that her separate identity is disappearing when she is known in the big congregation as Mayor Balen's wife. As Balen's wife for six years, she is stunned. However, the 31-year-old Savina is a little sad that her identity is becoming anonymous.

Savina's childhood was traumatic. She was born in Urlabari, Morang, into a middle-class family. Her father was a police officer, and during the Maoist movement, life was difficult for the family. When she was 10 years old, her father was injured by a Maoist bullet. After that incident, they migrated with their families and came to Kathmandu because he was afraid of being killed. The threats kept coming, and there was no option but to run away.

Despite the challenges, Savina grew up reading books of stories and novels at home, and she was equally interested in literature, just like her father. She used to write poetry since childhood, and her habit of writing down her anger, passion, and everything that came to her mind continued until later. She loved to read Nepali books with her brothers and was knowledgeable, disciplined, and an excellent student.

During the mass movement, her mother advised her not to tell anyone that her father was working in the police. That thing stayed in her mind, and even when she graduated, she kept telling her friends that her father worked in accounting. She said the same thing to her lover Balen at first. Savina still remembers the incident of her father being shot, and it has left a profound impact on her life.

After coming to Kathmandu, Savina studied from class 6 to plus two at VS Niketan. She was initially lost in the crowd, but after studying for only 21 days, she was among the top 10 in class-6. Savina and Balen became friends in class 11 and 12, and coincidentally, both had the same percentage in SLC - 78.38. They were interested in biology and had a competition to see who would be the topper every semester.

With her multifaceted talent and dedication, Savina has been an instrumental force in the success of her husband Balen's election campaign for the position of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. From handling social media to preparing the manifesto, she has been the driving force behind many of the campaign's key initiatives.

Despite her significant contributions, Savina is not content with being known solely as Balen's wife. She is proud of her own identity as a poet, novelist, digital creator, and health activist. Prior to Balen's campaign, she worked in business development and was equally active in her own career pursuits.

However, Savina's journey to success has not been without its challenges. She grew up in a middle-class family in Urlabari, Morang, where her father worked as a police officer during the Maoist movement. When her father was injured by a Maoist bullet, the family migrated to Kathmandu out of fear for their safety.

Despite the challenges of moving to a new city, Savina excelled academically and was a disciplined student. She also discovered a passion for writing at a young age, which she pursued throughout her life.

Savina's childhood experiences continue to shape her perspective today, particularly her memories of her father's injury and the fear that accompanied it. She acknowledges the lasting impact of these experiences, saying, "The influence of childhood will never leave us. I still could not forget that incident of my father. After becoming the Mayor of Balen Metropolis, I miss the cannon salute given to the President during the Indra Jatra.”

Savina's perseverance and dedication have enabled her to overcome these challenges and establish herself as a talented writer and activist. She is an inspiration to many young women in Nepal who are striving to make their own mark on the world.

As Savina and Balen continue to make their mark in the political and social spheres of Nepal, they serve as a powerful example of the important role that women can play in leadership positions. With her creative talents and strong work ethic, Savina has proven herself to be much more than just the wife of a political leader. She is a leader in her own right, with a unique and valuable perspective on the world.

As Nepal continues to grow and develop, it is clear that women like Savina will play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of the country. By recognizing the important contributions of women in all areas of society, Nepal can create a more equal and just society for all.

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