Summary of the Story

The narrator is unable to sleep because of an incident that happened during a football game. He reflects on his actions and realizes that he should have been more tolerant towards his opponents and not resorted to violence. He regrets his behaviour and realizes that envy and anger have negative effects on one's health and well-being. He plans to share his experiences with his friends the next day, encouraging them to let go of the past and work together towards a better future. He learns from his mistakes and wants to help others do the same.

Regret: Main Story

Two hours have already elapsed, and I could not sleep. On other days, I used to be in a deep sleep. I would have already fallen asleep if the incident had not taken place during the day. (Nabindra changes his side)  Actually, I was partly wrong in that case. It is quite common that there can be some faults and disputes while playing with friends. I should have tolerated it even if others quarrelled. Everyone used to tell me I was tolerant.  What would they say tomorrow? 

When we play a game, it is obvious that somebody wins and somebody loses. Why should we play games if we can't accept the result? Moreover,  we were not playing a big game. It was simply a football competition in our own school. We were there to play football not to fight. We wasted our energy in fighting that we were supposed to use in games. I had heard that one who cannot identify his/her own potential or misuses the potential,  never gets a good result. Today's incident proved this. 

I should not have gone to fight just because our opponent's friends cheated to get a higher score. I should have pointed out their faults and started to play again. I should not have kicked them that way. I was also beaten up by them. There was a quarrel. Some friends of my team ran away later on.  They should not have been so selfish and opportunistic. They were saying sorry later on, which was entirely meaningless. They even didn't know that one can be a social being only if he/she gives up selfishness. No one can be benefited if we act selfishly. I just remembered that if we do something with full devotion, it can be accomplished properly. Those who run away from the ground thinking that they will be defeated or will be beaten up then they are entirely selfish creatures.  How can we say that they are devoted towards their duty? They forgot their duty and devotion. Devotion in any work can be reflected if there is perseverance. Neither there was devotion to the work of our opponent's team who tried to win the game by cheating nor ours. Yes, it is true. If we are not devoted to any work it is better not to begin that. (he changes his side again) 

Our referee, Amrit's brother, tried to stop us from fighting. I was impulsive at that time and said something bad to him. Of course, I had heard that educated people must be polite. I have seen such examples but I forgot all these things while fighting. If we cannot practice what we have learnt, how can we say that our learning is good/successful? How can we say that he/she is well educated if he/she fights with friends? I had some kind of vanity that I was strong/powerful while fighting with friends. Otherwise,  why would I be ready to beat others? I had heard a story of a frog that died as his stomach burst while claiming and swelling it up for being great. I  could not learn the lesson from this story either. Those who do not take lessons from reading, seeing, or hearing have to suffer.  

Recalling the day's incident, I find myself a perfect fool. Why should I have been envious even if the opponent team had won the match? What would I  lose so much? They would shout the slogans of their victory, and I should have been quiet. Those who are envious of others' success, they can never make any progress. It's over now. I would not be envious. I would rather take inspiration and do something good. Some of my friends on the opposing team beat me. I can take revenge for that. Oh! That is a very bad habit.  If I start working with a sense of revenge, everyone will be my enemy. I will never do such things. I would follow the path of forgiveness and eventually, they will follow the same path. One who drinks Amrit should never get the result of hemlock (poison). I will share these things tomorrow at school with my friends. I will tell all of them to be reconciled by forgetting whatever happened the last day and continuing our studies and games together. I will even tell them that I could not sleep because of this incident and that there is a  negative effect of anger and jealousy on our health, too. 

Actually, today's incident is the outcome of anger. I had heard that anger and fire cause devastating effects even if they are small in size. It is true.  Anger is not something to suppress or control. It is a thing that should not be allowed to be generated in us. If there was no anger, that incident would not take place and I would not be thinking so many things till now. One who learns from mistakes and corrects them is a great person. Of course,  I learnt so many things from this incident today. This is what we call one learns from experience. I will share all these things with my friends tomorrow so that they will get a chance to improve themselves. 


One must identify his/her own potential and work with full devotion.  Selfishness, jealousy, and vanity take people towards a perilous path whereas forgiveness, trust, and politeness take them towards progress.  Anger is another factor that destroys people. One who is equal-minded in either situation- victory or loss can be a happy person in real life. If we extend good knowledge, it helps to improve others and make everyone happy.

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