He is 'No More'

He is No More

He is 'No More'

He is no more, his presence a memory,

Echoing through the halls of time.

His laughter, his voice, his smile,

All now forever confined.

We mourn his passing, his loss so deep,

The pain a weight we cannot bear.

But we remember the joy he brought,

And all the love that he shared.

Though he is gone, he lives on,

In the hearts of those who knew him well.

His legacy of kindness and compassion,

A story we will always tell.

He may be gone, but he's not forgotten,

For his spirit lives on in every way.

And though we miss him dearly,

We know he's in a better place today.

In the stillness of the night, we hear his whisper,

A gentle voice that carries on the wind.

Reminding us of all he stood for,

And all the good that he did.

We cherish the memories that we hold,

Of the times we shared with him.

And though he's no longer with us,

Our love for him will never dim.

He touched our lives in so many ways.

With his kindness and his grace,

And though we grieve his loss.

We know he's in a better place,

For he has left behind a legacy.

That will never fade away,

And though he's no more in this world.

His spirit will forever stay.

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