Universal Relationship

Universal Relationship

Almost all people become happy when they are victorious and get disheartened when they get defeated. But they never try to seek the reason why they achieve victory or why they get defeated. Nature can defeat a person but never can another person if he or she acts wisely. Appropriate behaviour of a man helps him get victory over others.

Thus, human behaviour breeds both friend and foe. Live and let live is the essence of humanity. Then there will be an assembly of friends when we follow the principle of universal brotherhood. We should therefore regard this world as our home where our kith and kin dwell. It is also the idea to extend universal brotherhood as well as the common human value. No one in the present situation can live isolated. We need an organization or association to get the thing done. It’s again the organizations that strengthen an individual as well as a unit of the organization.

The era, 21st century, itself believes in unity that harbours strength. So, there exist many national and international organizations in the world now and one of them is the United Nations Organization which has proved more beneficial to the world since its establishment. The prime motto of the UNO is to restore peace in the world. 

Organizations are rule-governing bodies that govern people with specific rules and regulations. Small communities or neighbourhoods, in this connection, are also forms of organization, which have some limitations to living harmoniously with each other. Such rules help them tie up a good relationship. They also grant peace and harmony in society. 

International organizations are more rule-bound than any other organizations and thus require more rules and regulations. Besides this, rules are equally essential for each nation to protect its territory, exercise its power and regulate its independence. One state should respect others’ territorial integrity, power, sovereignty and independence to keep a friendly relationship. 

The countries in the world are not equal in all respects- some are rich and powerful whereas others are poor and helpless but each is equally recognized. According to international law, a powerful country cannot threaten, overrule or attack a small country. If vice-versa is exercised,  there will be the dominance of power and the rule of law will be over. So, international organizations like the UNO have shown their keen interest in the existence and security of all the nations in the world.

Every country in the world is different in respect of its governance which may vary due to its own account. They, however, should acknowledge others’ existence. They should not harm others’ territory, governing system,  religion, culture and social norms and values. This is also a key principle to extending the universal brotherhood. 

Cooperation is inevitable between countries and individuals. A country needs help to develop itself, face a natural calamity or control crime because no country can suffice everything it needs. Therefore, cooperation is necessary to fulfil its need and to get them fulfilled. Mutual respect, tolerance,  friendly relations and cooperation strengthen international relations among the countries and are similar in many ways to Panchsheel Principles, which play a vital role in maintaining harmony in the world. There lies the contribution of an individual as well as the nation. Therefore mutual respect,  security and cooperation are international values. 

Our country, Nepal too, has contributed a lot to peacekeeping missions in war-prone countries. The citizens of those countries seem to be highly indebted to us and thus, glorify our country. Similarly, some Nepalese have received international awards for doing work of international value, This is also one of the ways to maintain international relationships. 

An individual equally shares a grain of world peace, recognition and fraternity irrespective of age, gender and status. It is because his duty bears a result that too contributes to international norms and values. 


Every individual should exhibit polite behaviour to strengthen the universal brotherhood. It also helps bring peace to the world. Besides, a country should make a policy that comprises mutual respect, security and sovereignty of the other country. The principle of coexistence is the key to establishing a cooperative environment. So, everyone in the world should do their duty and bear the responsibility to meet the common goals of the nations.

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