Think Positively: Learn and Do

Think Positively: Learn and Do

Namita is Raju's elder sister. They study in the same school. An essay writing competition is going to be conducted on the occasion of the school's anniversary. The title of the essay is “National and Global Effect on People”. It is informed that the essay should be written inside the class. Raju is also going to take part in the essay writing competition. He is talking with his elder sister to learn something about the topic. 

Raju:   I’m also going to take part in an essay writing competition. The title of the essay is “National and Global Effect on People”. So please tell me something about the topic. 

Namita:   Listen, this is a vast subject. It can be explained in various ways. I will tell you the gist. 

Raju:   Ok. Then I will read and write in my own way. 

Namita:   Everybody in this world has their own nation. While living in a country, obviously there is an impact of the nation on citizens. An individual affects society and society also affects an individual.  In the same way, there is an impact of a nation on its citizens.  

Raju:   If so, the influence of leaders of a nation should be good, shouldn’t it? 

Namita:   Yes, people learn from leaders So, they should teach positive behaviours. 

Raju:   People also should do positive work, shouldn’t they? 

Namita:   Yes, there is also the role of citizens to spread the positive impact of the nation to other nations. People’s morality, honesty, civilization and cooperation raise the prestige of a nation. Citizens are also respected.  

Raju:   From your statement, I realize that a nation influences people and people also influence nations. Am I right? 

Namita: Yes, people are influenced by the nation and the nation is influenced by people. These two are inseparable from each other. 

Raju:   Will you please give some examples to clarify the impacts of a nation over its people, sister? 

Namita:   If a nation adopts a path of peace, people also follow the same path. If a nation takes a strict steps against corruption, people do not dare to corrupt. There are so many examples like this. 

Raju:   If people are hard-working, how does it affect the nation? 

Namita:  Obviously, it affects me. The nation becomes prosperous due to hard work. If people are hard-working, it helps the nation and motivates people, too. It means the nation is also hard-working. Now, don’t you think that there will be an impact on the nation everywhere? 

Raju:   And what is the global impact? 

Namita:   If a nation and its people’s impact appears in other nations and their people, it is the global impact.  

Raju:   How does it happen? 

Namita:   Now, the whole world has become a house. It is because of the development of communication. So it is natural to diffuse the impact of one place and an individual to another place and other individuals. Who can remain untouched by the impact of others? 

Raju: There might be both negative and positive impacts? How to distinguish them? 

Namita:   Yes, the impact can be both negative and positive. We should follow positive impacts and be aware of negative ones. 

Raju:   Please explain with examples. 

Namita: We need air, water and food for living. But we escaped from the storm and very cold air. We only take the air which is clean and favourable to us. We don’t use muddy, stinking and dirty water. We only use clean water which is beneficial to our bodies.  Similarly, we only eat fresh, beneficial and invigorating foods. We do not eat stale and rotten food. In the same way, we should be able to have a positive impact on the world through rigorous selection. We should not copy the same thing from whatever is available.  

Raju:   We have to be careful while copying from others, don’t we?

Namita: Yes, Only now you understand. We need to be careful while distinguishing which one is right and which one is wrong, which one to take and which one to leave. 

Raju: I would understand clearly if you explained with another example. 

Namita: You might have seen a floral shop. There might be paper and plastic flowers and real flowers too. All the flowers seem to be beautiful but the paper and plastic flowers do not give off a fragrance.  Bees never visit such paper and plastic flowers. For fragrance and honey, real flowers are necessary. If a small insect like a bee can distinguish what is right and what is wrong, we human beings should distinguish right and wrong using our intuition.  We should not accept all the global impacts but try to copy good,  useful and suitable to our national culture. 

Raju:   Do you mean ‘we should give up our own bad things and learn good things from others as well’? 

Namita: Well done. Exactly, we have to leave the disease even if that is our own and medicine should be taken from others too. Understand others' impact in this way.  

Raju: I understood clearly. Now I will memorize and consider whatever you say. I will suggest to my friends ‘think positively,  learn and do.’ 


People and nations are inevitable to each other. A nation influences its people and the work of people also influences the nation. For a better result,  both of them should favour each other. This is a time of global impact.  The activities and thoughts that help make personal and national life prosperous should be copied. There might be many things which are seen but learnable things might be very few. It gives good results if we learn good things from an individual, nation and the world.

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