The Civic Duties and Responsibility

The Civic Duties and Responsibility 

Salleri,  Solukhumbu 


Dear Anjana, 

I am fine here and hope you are also fine over there. It is very cold here,  so cold that we don’t feel like going out unless we have urgent work. It  sometimes feels that the promising heat in Nepalgunj is rather tolerable than  the chilling cold here. However, nothing can be done against the whim of  nature. 

I am glad to receive your letter that you have written to me after a long  gap. I read and reread it because you have detailed everything you have  achieved. You said you had stood first in a regional elocution competition.  Your dedication, your teachers’ guidance and the inspiring environment of  the school are what made it possible. 

I know you grumble why you did not get the amount that was mentioned  in the announcement. It is natural for one who is not fully aware of the rules and regulations of the country. Many people like you have been stranded  in the same condition. 

Remember, what you did not get was the tax, and the cash in hand was yours.  It is the citizen’s duty to pay tax. Taxation is almost a universal system in  which a certain amount from the given income is paid to the government  of the country. It results in a benefit to us as well as to the state- the state  invests the collected amount in its development work, which cannot be  imagined if we don’t pay the tax to the nation. However, you are too small  to understand all this. 

Nature also teaches us why we should pay the tax. Water in the sea  evaporates and goes up to the sky to become a cloud. Then, it condenses  into the water and comes back to the same sea. There would have been no  rain if the sea had not evaporated and no sea or ocean would have been  possible. Same is the process of paying tax that ultimately benefits us.  So, don't forget the fact that we will have to pay the tax for the income  that you make in the days to come. It is, therefore, a legal responsibility of  a citizen to pay the tax. You had better not grumble on what you have  paid, and think instead that you have done two good jobs- one, you perform  a legal responsibility and the other, you contribute for the betterment of  the country itself. 

A country cannot run without laws. Therefore, it has to pass law and enforce  it for good governance. Like a house, which does not run without certain  rules and regulations, the country obviously cannot run without laws. We  feel secure with their protection. A law keeps dual power- it confines us  if we defy it and gives us freedom, if we follow the path, it is directed to  us. Remember that the law never misleads us. 

Laws vary according to the situation of a country. The variation depends  upon the behavioral pattern of the people living in a country and it depends  upon the government system. For example, a country undergoing conflict  may require relatively strict law. Therefore, it will be beneficial for a citizen  to be aware of the fundamental law of his or her country. It will also grant  his or her rights. Law is considered as an organ of the state. The state goes  lame if it has a deficient organ or has no organ at all. That is why a country  must have laws. Fellow citizens must be aware of it and should implement it.

A country undergoes periodical elections that nominate candidates. It is  our vote that determines their victory or their defeat- if we vote for the right  candidate, we will do good to everyone but our wrong choice will cost everyone adversely. Law has given us the right to choose the right candidate.  We want a true representative to be  

in the decision-making body, be it  at the local level or in the central  level. If so, we must cast the vote.  It is a self-evaluation to be able to choose the right person as our representative. To stay passive doesn’t mean that you are abiding by the law or doing  your duty, it is also our duty to take care of the public property  scattering around the country, it is  

our duty to protect and preserve the historical as well as religious places in  and around our locality. Sometimes, there can be a crime in the society and a  criminal can take shelter there. In this case, we should inform the concerned  authority about the crime and the criminal- it is our legal responsibility. 

The Constitutional body consists of the representatives whom we have chosen  through voting. They propose and pass the law and it is the law that should  be obeyed by everyone. If everyone obeys it sincerely, the country can be  strong, and it is what we all want. You too, can build a strong nation if you  pay the tax, exercise the right to vote, and help in good governance.  

Chhori, tell your classmates what I have written to you, for sharing becomes  fruitful to both- speaker and listener. I will explain to you more about it  when you come home on vacation. By the way, excel your academics  and keep on writing to me. 

Hoping to get a reply. 

Your loving father, 



A state needs various laws for its good governance and thus formulates  a code of laws and enforces them. It is the citizens’ duty to respect them  and to follow them, too. Laws grant the rights and security to the citizens  and empower the state. Similarly, our duty comprises paying tax,  exercising the right to vote and assisting the government to maintain  social security and peace. If we perform our duty sincerely, we can have  a strong nation that equally means to have strong citizens. 

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