My Duty

My Duty

Binita and Bibek are siblings. They study in the same school. Binita is an early riser who finishes all the work on time whereas Bibek gets up a bit late. Because of his delayed rising, they become late for school, sometimes.  Therefore Binita tries to wake him early. 

Binita: Hey, Bibek, haven’t you got up yet? It’s late again. I don’t know when you will be time conscious. 

Bibek: Yeah, I am up, Didi! (getting up) It’s just seven. How hasty you are to go to school! 

Binita: To rise early doesn’t only mean to go to school. Many things can be done at home, too. Besides, you can study, though minor,  you know. Why don’t you understand the importance of the morning time, huh? 

Bibek: Morning time? What do you mean? What is its importance actually, Didi? 

Bibek: Do we kids even have to think of duty? It’s the elders’ headache,  I believe, isn’t it? 

Binita: Not exactly. We too have certain duties that require to be done using both labour and intellect. Listen, our parents have brought us up and educated us- that means they have fulfilled their responsibility. Now, we must cooperate with them in a  way we can. And it is what we call our responsibility towards the family. 

Bibek: What more are our responsibilities towards the family, Didi? 

Binita: We should have a team spirit with all the family members. You know, our body does not function if a particular organ stops functioning. Similarly, our family too, can’t run if a member does not work. So, we all should work together and that is called coordination. 

Bibek: Yes, I like it, truly. Please, Didi, tell me some more. 

Binita: Yes, we should also think of the betterment of our family. We have been granted security by our family and we in return have to do something for them. 

Bibek: If so, we should help them as much as we can, let alone our studies, shouldn’t we, didi?

Binita: Yes, we should. It’s why I insist on you rising early, you know.  We owe our parents who have invested the money they have earned. We should repay what they have done for us. 

Bibek: I think we should not be extravagant, it is also a kind of help to save money, isn’t it, Didi? 

Binita: Of course, it is a great help if we stop wasting money on nonsense.  Economical is the one who spends money on rights, in particular, you must have this idea, mustn’t you? 

Bibek: You mean we should utilize the money we earn in the future,  don’t you? 

Binita: Exactly, the money accumulated by the family members should be invested only for the well-being of the family itself. It is basically invested in food, clothing, shelter, health education, social work and recreation. If we invest in a joint venture, even a risky project is easy. 

Bibek: We should share happiness and sorrow, shouldn't we? 

Binita: Obviously, man is, therefore, a social animal that gets ever ready to share both happiness and sorrow a family generally undergoes.  It is useless to stay together if there is no sharing of happiness and sorrow. 

Bibek: It means we should move according to time and situation, shouldn’t we? 

Binita: Yes, we should. We should be able to grasp opportunities and properly utilize them. This is how we can contribute to our family. We should be cultured in all respects, excessive use of mobile phones and TV can ruin us. 

Bibek: Didi, I like what you have said. You are great, did. Now,  onwards, I'll get up early and follow what you have suggested to me. I hereby commit to carrying out the duty and responsibility  towards my family  


The family is one of the smallest units of society. Each member of the family has his or her own duty and responsibility. An ideal family is expected when each member does his or her duty and shoulders the responsibility happily. It means its members should remain active for its prosperity. Family life turns out to be happy when there is coordination, economical activities and equal participation side by side. 

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