The Stone-Hearted Prince by Akriti Joshi

The Stone-Hearted Prince

Long, long ago there was a kingdom, far away from the city. There lived a powerful king with his daughter. Her name was princess Vanessa. She was the most beautiful and graceful in the whole kingdom. Besides all this, there was something about the princess that only the king knew...

It was a normal day, Birds were chirping and nature was very happy. It was the 20th birthday of the princess. There was a huge Celebration. Everyone was invited to the ceremony. Everything was going really well until something happened.

When all the guests were enjoying the occasion, the king called Princess Vannessa to confront something. The king said, "My precious daughter, there is Something you need to know... you were cursed when you were only a newborn." A silence broke out in the room. Princess's jaw was on the floor. It was a really big shock to her.

The king explained how it had happened. It turned out that, years ago, the king and the queen were going through the jungle, and they passed by a fairy who they didn't recognize. They had forgotten to invite her to the ceremony of princess Vanessa too.

The fairy recognized them and saw the newborn. She said "you will marry a stone-hearted prince " and went. The queen thought she cursed the princess as they forgot to invite her to the Ceremony. They started being really tense after that. The queen passed away and the king started being possessive. The princess was in disbelief but she didn't Say it was a curse. She knew that it had a different meaning and it was a riddle that the fairy said.

Once when the princess was out on an adventure, She met a prince who was headed to her kingdom. They talked for a while, and then the princess led them to the kingdom. His name was Prince Luke. When prince Luke was at the palace news broke out. The king had found a guy for the princess as she couldn't marry any random one, who could have been stone-hearted.

The princess didn't wanna marry a stranger so she ran away from the palace. Vanessa was in a dark and deep jungle. She didn't have a place to live. When she was eating the piece of bread she had,  the wicket which saw her. The witch took her away so she could eat her. luckily, Prince luke had been searching for princess Vanessa. He saw her trying to get away from the witch and saved her. They went back to the kingdom together.

The king realized his mistake and thanked Prince luke for saving princess Vanessa. Slowly they both were deeply in love so the king got them married. They found out that the princess was not cursed, it was a blessing as the king got to know that prince luke was the one called "The stone-hearted Prince".  It was because he used to help citizens in his kingdom and was a kind-hearted Prince who melted people's cold hearts. They lived happily ever after.

Moral → Don't accuse anything without checking it through

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